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I'm Neo. I've been goofing off with code and nerdy things on the internet while wasting what is (supposedly) the best years of a human's life.


In Short:

At length (the development log):

Development Log

Blog Web Dev

[1/31/19] Created the Developer Mayhem page, along with this log for extra juicy details. Proofreading and optimizations are underway.

[2/2/19] Peril/us/ anonymous message board development is going well. Also, the site was moved to blog.enchoseon.com, which is sorta a big thing.

[2/8/19] Developer Mayhem moved to this site instead. I also forgot to log a bunch of stuff so dang it.

[2/13/19] I've been neglecting the blog because I've been lots of work on the other stuff. I'm making this update to confirm that I'm still not doing anything.

[3/15/19] I packed away the computer for the home LAN server for 2 weeks, meaning I was unable to touch anything for the past 2 weeks. I've taken down Peril/us/ so that I can fix some serious bugs.

[7/10/19] Finally finished migrating domains and the like. The logs have been untouched for a long time and lots has changed.

The Augmented Post

[4/5/19] Set up my the server and most of the site backbone.

[4/6/19] Fixed tiny bugs (like mobile image background) and created content. Also made website live to public.

[7/10/19] Rebranded 'PETA Satirical News Site' to 'The Augmented Post'. Finished setting up some stuff.

Peril/us/ Anonymous Textboard

Peril/us/ is a fork of Beardog's MicroTxt software.

Peril/us/ Changelog:

0.2.0 - Removed usernames and tripcodes.

0.2.1 - Added sexy font and paint job.

0.5.0 - Set custom username from [Anonymous] to [User: #123456]

0.9.0 - Redid username generation with encryption, result: [User: #abcde]

0.9.4 - Array of 605 words generated by a Markov chain is seeded with Username (which is now the UserID), which should result in [User: Amlyssisa - #abcde], but weird bugs result in the user ID always being 'c'. UPDATE: As it turns out the 'c' bug was caused by my local server being unable to get my IP.

0.9.5 - Changed post ID from microtime to usercode.

0.9.9 - Massive bug fixes, finally open to public.

To Do:

Open to public.